Customized Chinese lanterns

Talents & Productions – an entertainment agency based in Monaco - started in 2018 producing the lanterns exposition : Les Lumières Légendaires with two main collections : Animals and The Wonder World of Colors.

After the first edition of the Animals in Marseille and Le Mans in France, the new collection is revealed : The Wonder World of Colors ; will be exposed next winter in several cities in France for the holidays.

This lantern exhibition will light up at nightfall your city's park, in a tangy and sparkling world, halfway between "Alice in Wonderland" and "Wizard of Oz". Through these giant Chinese lanterns with more than 500 monumental metal sculptures dressed in colored silks, illuminated by LED bulbs, you will discover giant candies and a marvelous nature. Throughout this immersive walk, you enter through the mouth of the giant caterpillar and take pictures under enormous lollipops and donuts. A new timeless world made of Chinese lanterns, for an immersion into a magical and enchanting universe.

With this experience and these two collections available, Talents & Productions manufactures now Chinese lanterns for lantern festivals, private events, luminous landscapes construction and design, lantern exhibitions and so on : a premium service provider for Chinese lanterns.
You can rent or buy our Chinese lanterns for amusement parks, street lighting, shopping malls, city squares, resorts, Carnivals, private and public events.

Our lanterns are manufactured entirely in France by a Chinese team of craftsmen specialized in creation of Chinese lanterns since 2008. Our lanterns are entirely made by hand. The manufacturing technique is passed down from generation to generation. Our professional craftsmen use lighting technology to make sophisticated and creative lanterns. By combining tradition and fashion, heritage and ecology, the traditional culture of Chinese lanterns is more visually impactful.
We insure your rental from A to Z, guarantee the best conservation methods, delivery and unloading services.

Our management team has more than 10 years of management experience. We are engaged in the entire industry chain with lantern rental, lantern design, production, transportation, installation, exhibition, sales.

Besides the Wonder World of Colors, we provide also animal lanterns and we can add any new animal you would like to have.
Lantern animals should be in line with the appearance of the real animal body proportions, in the details of the treatment of realistic effect, and through the overall view can reflect the natural charm of the animal.
When the overall shape of our animal lantern is completed, it can be seen as the same as a real animal when the light is not turned on during the day. Such a Chinese lantern can be counted as a work of art.

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